• Know how to use current age Advanced Computers in your Tournament Preparation

  • Different Openings have different Plans and Styles, Pick the one which chooses you, Don't Pick according to your wish

  • Understand the Importance of Psychological Play During Tournaments, Certain Positions need no calculation, Use your instincts to save your brain power

  • Every Chess Player has different Strengths and Weaknesses, Know the Area where you have to improve

  • Improve your Board Vision using our Advanced Chess Eye Program

Trained with Passion

We teach our students with extreme amount of dedication. We are passionate chess trainers who just enjoy the beauty and art of chess.We believe in the quality of teaching content, by providing high quality training materials.

Using Computer Analysis

We Use computer analysis extensively to train our students,by taking advantage of the 64bit Processors and cutting edge Chess Engines. This will help us to produce high quality games with Innovative Ideas.

Create Your Style of Play

If one want to reach the pinnacle of chess world, he must possess a kind of playing style. For ex: World Champion Petrosian has the style of playing defensively and later capitalizing on his opponent's mistakes.

Customized Training

Inorder to improve, Chess requires training in different areas ranging from openings, middlegames, endgames, strategical play, tactical play, positional play etc., We offer customized training to those areas in which the student prefer.

Rapid Imaging

By combining Rapid Image Processing technique with Spaced Repetion, we are helping our students recover from their habitual mistakes. We also improve their speed of recognizing certain patterns with our advanced software.


"No one can improve in chess, unless they analyse their own games and learn from it"

- Garry Kasparov (Former World Champion)

We never teach students who fail to annotate their games during their play.

About Us

We are a team of chess trainers teaching in Madurai, Chennai, Tirunelveli and other parts of Tamilnadu. We have experimented with various ways of Teaching Methodologies to our Students and find the best way to achieve success in Chess. Our players have participated in National Level Tournaments, FIDE rated Tournaments and Won Prizes. Students, Professionals, Amateurs benefit from our time saving tips and ideas to rise quicker in this competetive Chess World. We prefer to train Via Online, In person and through Correspondence Via Postal Means.

Why Choose Us

Eventhough there are many personal chess trainers available around TN, very few are adaptable to the nature of the student. By our own personal experience, growth in chess needs more discipline, clear plans and flawless execution. We will create a Master Plan for each and every student by analyzing their games. We never teach students without their annotations (or) PGN files of their own games. Its simply impossible to improve in Chess, without analyzing your past mistakes and don't repeat it again. We also motivate our students with high class training videos that enables them to take some well calculated risks during their games.

No One can get better in Chess without analyzing their own games, Iron Clad will to take risks and the self-motivation to Improve further

Garry Kasparov - Former World Champion (1985-1993(Undisputed), 1993-2000(Classical))


Our Team Contains a Renowned Madurai Trainer - Anbarasan (State Arbiter/ Chess Coach) and a

Chennai Trainer - Arunraj ( Research Scholar/ Chess Coach).. We are currently taking classes via Online, In-Person's Home, Correspondence and Via Training Centres. We are extremely well versed in using latest chess engines. We are also doing some behavior analysis related research work, which drives us to understand the psychology behind choosing the right openings for a player. We are also willing to suggest the opening variations for players who don't have one.

Our Skills





People We Serve!

We serve all type of Chess Players from hobbists, beginners, Club Level Players, Students who want to reach Top Levels like CM, FM, IM and GM. We are ready to dedicate our valuable hours by analyzing each and every move you make in your chess game as well as in real life.

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